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Why Do Used Porsche 911s Cost So Much?

Why Do Used Porsche 911s Cost So Much?

Good news, ladies and gentlemen! Friday is upon us once again, and that means the time has come for Letters to Doug, a weekly column wherein you provide the letter and I provide the Doug.

And just remember: you, too, can participate in Letters to Doug! Just send your automotive-related query to me at , and I will carefully consider your letter before selecting someone else’s. This week’s letter comes to us from a reader named Elton, who writes:

Dear Doug:

I truly enjoy reading your articles, as well as your book. So much better than reading actual news.

Anyway, here’s my question, which should suit you well considering your past work history. Why the heck do Porsche 911’s cost so much? I’m talking both new and used. They have to be one of the only cars that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars within the same model range, over a 25 year period! Seriously, I just looked at Autotrader, and there’s a 2015 911 turbo right next to a 2008, then a 1998, then a 1989, and they all cost around $220,000 each.

I get that they can be very technologically advance and are supposedly one of the best cars to drive, but being that I’m too tall to even get my leg inside one I’ll have to take other peoples’ input on that part. Still, I just don’t get it. Are they made out of unicorn tears or something? How can one car, made out of essentially the same raw materials and by the same humans as any other really good car, be THAT good for so many years that people would pay the exact same astronomical price for one that’s 25 years old as they would for a brand new one? Sorry, I think I technically asked three questions.

Looking forward to you proving me wrong.



For those of you who don’t want to sift through Elton’s letter – the only letter written to me this week to include the words “raw” and “unicorn” – allow me to sum up his question. He is asking: why the hell are Porsche 911s so expensive?

And I must say, Elton, that you’ve raised an interesting point, because Porsche 911 values seem to keep going up, and by God, maybe it’s time that Letters to Doug tackles this issue, or at least captures its flag.

First off, to address the exact vehicles you’ve asked about in your e-mail: the reason people are asking $220,000 for a 2015 Porsche 911 Turbo is because it’s an amazing car, full of luxury, and technology, and speed, and equipment, and engineering. The reason people are asking $220,000 for a 1998 and 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo is because they are high on methamphetamines.

Now to get to the rest of the 911 market. In today’s world, the Porsche 911 is experiencing something called a bubble. What this means is, the market was originally fairy normal, and then, like a bubble, it has grown, and grown, and now it’s one of those giant bubble gum bubbles that get 150,000 views when people post videos of them on YouTube.

These days, this is true of virtually all collector cars. Maybe the best example is the Jaguar E-Type, which is now an upper-five figure car, despite the fact that there are literally ten million excellent condition E-Types running around out there. Seriously: you cannot go to a car gathering without seeing a fully restored E-Type, even if it’s a gathering of lowrider pickup trucks at an Arby’s parking lot.

So what you’re seeing, with some of these prices, is people trying to take advantage of the bubble. People are seeing 1960s and 1970s Porsche 911 prices going up, and up, and up, and so they’ve decided to ask huge money for their 2000 911 Cabriolet with Tiptronic. “It’s the same as an older 911,” these people reason to themselves. “But even better.” Then they post it on RennList and everyone laughs at them.

With that said, allow me to provide a brief aside that may help justify the recent increase in 911 pricing.

As many of you know, I used to work for Porsche Cars North America, where I had a series of five different brand-new Porsche company cars, only two of which I crashed. These were amazing vehicles, with incredible performance, handsome looks, surprising practicality, and true daily driver capabilities.

While I was working at Porsche and since, I have amassed a car history that now includes 21 vehicles, ranging from an E36 BMW M3 to a Ferrari 360 Modena to a Lotus Elise. And none of these cars – not one of these vehicles – has ever been able to do what my 911s could.

The Elise was reliable, but not comfortable – and it couldn’t carry four people or any luggage. The Ferrari was gorgeous and fast, but you couldn’t drive it every day. The M3 was fun and practical – but it didn’t have the look of a 911. My E63 AMG wagon, my Skyline, my CTS-Vs – they all had some fatal flaw that kept them just shy of the 911 on my “perfect car” measuring stick. And whenever anyone asks me what car I would own if I wasn’t buying crazy cars just to write about, the answer is always the same: a used Porsche 911.

So yes, I’m saying there’s a bubble. But I’m also saying that some of it might be justified.

@DougDeMuro is the author of Plays With Cars. He owned an E63 AMG wagon and once tried to evade police at the Tail of the Dragon using a pontoon boat. (It didn’t work.) He worked as a manager for Porsche Cars North America before quitting to become a writer, largely because it meant he no longer had to wear pants. Also, he wrote this entire bio himself in the third person.

Truck Explodes After Swerving To Avoid Mattresses On The New Jersey Turnpike

A dash-cam video captured a large explosion on the New Jersey turnpike after a tanker truck rolled over, avoiding mattresses that fell off of another vehicle. The driver of the tanker swerved to avoid other motorists, dying in the resulting crash.

Warning: the videos linked below depict a graphic accident that resulted in the death of a person.

A cargo van was seen carrying mattresses which somehow fell onto the motorway, causing other motorists to slam on their brakes and swerve to avoid them. The driver of the tanker truck swerved to narrowly avoid hitting a SUV causing the rig to lose balance and roll over the guardrail, immediately bursting into flames.…

In the videos you can see at least one person try to approach the truck, but the heat from the fire and the risk of further blasts prevented them from getting any closer.

The driver of the truck has yet to be identified, and it is unknown at this time what type of fuel the truck was carrying.

The witness with the truck footage recalled what he saw to NBC New York:

“It looked like the SUV before the tanker hit his brakes and cut in front of the tanker,” [Kevin] Hauer said. “The tanker, of course, tried not to hit him, and it looked like he was going over to the left and he corrected — but gravity took over and brought him over right onto the guardrail.”

“It blew up instantly,” he said, still shaken hours after the crash.

“I wanted to get the guy out, but it being a tanker and as big as the explosion was — the heat was so intense,” he said. “I tried a second time, I went all the way over to the wall and went up and I got a good look at the cab and whatever was there was already gone.”

“Whether he intended to or not, he saved those people in front of him, lives. He gave up his own, I’m sure he didn’t want to do that, but those people in that car in front of him, they could be gone.”

Everyone else involved in the incident is reported to be okay.

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

It was supposed to be a simple fix.

My objective was basic: transform the pads and rotors on my aged ’73 Baja Bug. It seemed like my car had a stomach ache. The front had actually been moaning and also creaking for weeks currently, and also I couldn’t place things off any sort of longer. As it turns out, your brake pads need to not look like this.

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

Buying the components had not been regrettable (except when they got delivered to the wrong address and after that had actually to be e-mailed back to me), and I establish aside a simple Sunday mid-day to identify how you can do the work.

I had 2 books detailing ways to exchange out my aged parts for brand-new, and also I was reasonably confident points would certainly go smoothly.

I would certainly altered pads as well as rotors prior to on my very much left wheeze of a Lexus ES300. Freddy and also I really did not even make use of a guidebook for it. We just discovered whatever held the caliper in location, unbolted it, discovered whatever held the rotor in position, unlocked it, and after that replaced the upsetting parts.

But the Lexus was built at the really greatest factor in mainstream auto industrial production. Toyota Electric motor Firm, flowering in the top the late ’80s/ very early ’90s Japanese economic bubble, invested impossibly greatly on the building of vehicles simply like my ’93 Lex. Every bolt was additional long, every system made for durability as well as use.

My ’73 Bug wasn’t made to be utilized so considerably as made.

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

So while the brake rotor on my Lexus was merely a brake rotor, the one on my VW likewise houses the front wheel bearings.

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

I uncovered this over a variety of confused telephone call to my colleague a VW professional Jason Torchinsky. Wait, why does the aged rotor have these unusual rings in it? Exactly what’s are ‘races,’ as well as why do you keep stating that word?

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

This after that brought about some fevered re-reading of my technological guidebooks. There’s a pin here. The publication does not say anything about any pins. Oh, so chapter 9, part 12 informs me definitely nothing except to describe chapter one section 32? I’m meant to put an Allen screw where?

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

So rather than promptly unbolting and also re-bolting my aged components for brand-new, I finished up attempting to push in brand-new bearings and races with only a large screwdriver and also a not-so-big hammer. Numerous hrs right into that, as well as the light, began to discolor, the rain endangered to come in, as well as I called things gives up.

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

I sandwich landed all my extracted screws and also classified where they originated from, I trash can the entire exposed wheel to ensure that my pin doesn’t get wet, and also I packed it in for the evening.

Why is it that every single time I attempt as well as repair a little point incorrect with my car, I discover that I’ve got something else that I require changing?

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

Picture Credits: Raphael Orlove

Wedding Fair


The other day I had a phone call from the dad of a bride who has reserved one of the vintage cars for her wedding in October. Oh dear, I believed, has she changed her mind and needs to cancel? But no, it turns out he wondered if I want to take an automobile to their forthcoming wedding fair in March and is involved with Porters Park golf club in Radlett.

My advertising budget is very limited. Angela Merkel would grin with acceptance of my self imposed austerity regime. I’m already committed to attend a wedding fair at the Alban Arena on 22nd March so the idea of paying for a stand at another fair only a week later, threatened to pitch my fiscal planning into disarray. I guess Richard immediately clarified they needed the vintage car as a draw and felt some reluctance on my part and there would not be a charge. Phew! What a consequence! Thus, in the event you’re considering seeing this Springtime any wedding fairs, why don’t you place this one in your diary? It’s on Sunday 29th March between 10:00am and 3:00pm at Porters Park golf club. I anticipate seeing you there!

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Classic Cars – Buying Guide to Your Ideal Car

cassical car

Getting your Vintage car

Getting a vintage car is pretty clear-cut, but you do should be careful in determining merely what kind of automobile very well matches your demands. Must you want to utilize the auto for family members trips it is no great buying an ageless MGB (with canines as well as youngsters) to the coast. Just as, a Ford Cortina 1600E might tick all the practicality boxes in the event you are a bloke that is solitary – Yet does it have the precise same effect in your street cred as a gleaming MK2 Jaguar? Essential useful worries hence must be: hardtop of soft Number of seats, number of doors -top, travel luggage compartment space – and also picture!

Where to maintain your classic car

Exactly how you keep the auto is, additionally, a vital variable. Unfortunately, most ‘aged’ cars simply do not take on the weather condition fresh ones, so you will certainly have to maintain your brand-new classic in a garage or secure to preserve its appearance. If, like most folks, your garage area is complete with anything BUT a vehicle you will certainly either require consider the cost of renting out a lockup in your financial strategy or to clear it out.

In situation the automobile requires some work you will certainly want room to move throughout the car (specifically under it). As well as in case you are considering maintaining it outside believe once again! Wet surges, setting your vehicle in jeopardy – And will you see doing your care job that is necessary in the pouring rain or snow that is driving?

Automobile state

The state of your vintage car that is favored is a crucial concern. For those that own a structure in welding engineering or metalwork, a corroding aged stack will certainly hold no concern for you. Classic automobile publications teem with adverts for an incredible selection of possible cars that are ageless, and this ought to be your prime hunting ground. The secret is to be practical of what you’ll be able to take on. A total repair task is something – but it could be much more functional to undertake a work that is been component completed, and just needs a couple of spares to get it back on your means.

Similarly, you might discover a ‘deal’ for merely a number of hundred quid, when total, that may be worth GBP15k. However spending hours trying to situate physical body parts that are irreplaceable, or needing to outsource professional facets of the restoring work to experts, will quickly obtain you wonder about whether it was awarding.
A reasonable selection when purchasing your initial vintage car would be to spend more, but opt for something if it takes longer to situate the car of your fantasies that’s presentable.

Securing Your Heritage

A timeless auto is something to be safeguarded as well as valued. It is something that reminds us of the worths linked to our past as well as just how crucial a treasure this item is to our present. Antiques do not merely take care of themselves, they need to be secured with a purposeful process of conservation as well as management. This is the same in connection with every one of the items associated to our social heritage. A plan is required if the valued item is to be maintained. This is the same when it involves managing indigenous people and also their old social practises and objects. A cultural heritage management plan is an agreement between an Aboriginal Party and a government based entity or private entity that outlines the appropriate and agreed management process in regards to the minimization of harm to cultural heritage.  Such an agreement provides certainty for both the Aboriginal people who identify with the geographic zone the development or disturbance of cultural heritage is taking place within, and the proponent who is usually carrying out some type of civil and infrastructure development works or project. Heritage consultants are highly qualified specialists able to devise and implement such management plans. There are many complex stages of cultural heritage management depending on the parties involved, but for the purpose of this discussion we will outline the following major phases. These phases include establishing the background and aims of the project, secondly to ascertain cultural heritage in the agreed zone, thirdly the application of management requirements and suggestions and the final phase involves post-works operations. A well considered cultural heritage management plan will include Aboriginal  cultural awareness training.

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Classic Car Insurance – A Beginners Guide For New Classic Owners


That you’ll have to contemplate not only where, but how you’re going to insure your first classic car in the event you have only purchased it.

As a classic car owner it matters not if you drive a perfect state Ford Capri 3 litre from 1970, a beat up old Morris Minor from the Sixties or a glossy E-type Jaguar in British racing green, it’s crucial that you simply locate the very best classic auto insurance cover for your cherished motor, that insures your individual hazards at costs that will not break the bank!

For those who haven’t possessed a classic car before it’s important to realise there are fundamental differences between what’s called a typical car insurance policy as well as the cover offered under one defined as timeless, from a specialist auto insurance company.

The very first thing to establish is whether your auto is qualified for cover under a coverage that is timeless. One way you might do this is request the prior owner whether it was insured under a classic car insurance policy and with which insurance company.

Distinct auto insurance firms have various definitions of kind and the age of vehicles which may be insured under such a cover.

What might be readily insured with one supplier could be excluded by another. Luckily most online classic auto cover suppliers supply this advice on the initial page of their sites, therefore it’s pretty simple to browse about and assess your qualification with different insurance firms.

You need to check whether there are coverage constraints for your individual driving conditions, for example your age that will keep you from filling out an application for cover and also that both the qualification of the exact age of the automobile in question.

The important variation between those and a regular coverage is in the manner that you just use your vehicle that is timeless, and in particular, how much you really drive it. Cost comparison sites and the big mainstream insurance companies will offer you cover for automobiles that are older but will charge an additional premium due to its own age. They are going to also load the premium if replacement parts for the vehicle kind are regarded as costly.

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Michigan Classic Car Shows

Classic vehicles shows are popular in Michigan. Individuals in america and from throughout the world assemble to admire rare and high-priced automobiles. It’s possible for you to choose from 50 plus shows coordinated yearly in Michigan. Should you value modern vehicles retro automobiles or else show compared to Michigan or you just need to go to a timeless auction timeless auto shows are perfect spots where you are able to locate what you’re seeking.

One of these Michigan classic auto show that is exciting is the Greenville Corvette Club show which is coordinated every December. This event objectives raising contributions and funds for the local children’s charities. It shows more than 44 Corvettes of them being unbelievable and awesome in relation to the other. The 2011 version is scheduled for September 10. Thus, get prepared and do not blow off this Michigan classic auto show that is exceptional.

The Kalamazoo Classic Auto Show is another Michigan show coordinated in western Michigan. The visitors can register their automobiles right into a judging contest including several groupings such as the “favourite child’s selection”, the “quality of make” or the “people’s choice” group. The winners receive awards that are distinct together with a certification of accomplishment. All the cash come from the cash raised through booths as well as the entrance fee are given to local charities.

Another one is the exciting GVSU Car Show that takes place annually at the Grand Valley State University, since 2004. If this was arranged for the very first time, it was intended for students interested in getting together and referring to data and automobiles regarding their alterations or repairs. But shortly this car show became bigger and this occasion became well-known fast and contained even and food, professional music contests between vehicles.

The Detroit Autorama is another Michigan classic car event held annually in February. The wedding is known as the “Cavalcade of Customs” by its supporters and attributes changed and customized cars including classic autos, bikes, trucks and scooters. The 2011 59th Version would be a real success showing amazing classic cars including a 1947 Chevrolet Roadster Get a 1940 Ford Hardtop and a 1963 Buick Riviera.

The list of this kind of occasion in Michigan comprises the Michigan Vintage & Collectible Festival arranged at the Midland County Fairgrounds. This occasion is the house from the “Michigan’s biggest antique, collectible and classic auto show”. You’ll discover the opportunity to see unbelievable and awesome timeless vehicles produced in distinct body designs along with in various levels of time.

Classic Car Shows – A Treat For the Car Lover

Perhaps you have thought about what it has to be like to possess a classic car? A car that’s a marvel of human genius as well as a testimony to superiority that is man made? Perhaps you have thought about why amazing automobiles are compared to lovely girls? Why they cosseted by their owners and are cherished more in relation to the wives are? Have you pondered over the pride that this type of classic car’s owner might feel? Possession of vintage cars and classic isn’t for everybody. Is it an expensive hobby, but possessing and locating classic cars is a rarity. Their owners are a connoisseur’s treat and also targets of love. It’s an entry into an exclusive clique, one the rest can aspire to and which only a select few can be part of.

The opulence of wooden dashes, the extravagance of hand tooled leather seats, the absolute delight of a virtually quiet yet strong engine hum, the old-time sounds of horns from a bygone era…it’s a remnant of a time when the frenetic tempo of life was more leisured, when matters were just loved and delights were reveled in. Era…it’s ironical actually, that cars now are purchased for efficiency, rate and maneuverability, yet these very same components weren’t truly variables a couple of decades back. At that juncture in time, cars were purchased for the wow factor, to take pleasure in the encounter of going at a leisurely rate from one point to another, its size intended to impress with its magnificence.

Traffic was minimal trundled along at sedate rates on semi empty roads frequently only a little quicker than a lad on his bike. Ahhs and ohhs would follow in its aftermath. Their owners lovingly tended these classic cars, till the accessories gleamed shone for hours, with at times the family patriarch and liveried chauffeurs taking a turn in the wheel.

Times changed. Newer versions arrived and took centre stage and creation of these classic cars that were grand dwindled, eventually ceasing completely. Now these wonderful vintage cars are simply to be found in classic auto shows. All these are occasionally held throughout the planet and auto enthusiasts flock to them. To take pleasure in the delight of possession and to get a peek of these wonders of engineering, these car shows are popular and are generally well attended. There are auto magazines and internet sites which cater to such automobile buffs, who reel off facts and figures of the year of production, the engine capacities, the amount of automobiles in existence, horsepower…et al. Actually there is frequently a circus like joyous feeling at these timeless auto shows. Booths are set up hawking goods that are distinct, there is an emcee with mike and cotton candy in a single corner spurring the crowd to cheer and applaud every automobile as it takes a stately turn at a sedate speed around a track. One must remember that these automobiles aren’t only things of wonder; they need to be examples of freedom too. All engines have to be in working condition with original parts.

Every year the calendar of classic auto shows is choc a bloc with shows which are yearly or biennial occasions all around the world. Auto owners, auto fans, enthusiasts, dilettantes or even families out for a Sunday… all are welcome to these extravaganzas. The automobiles rule supreme hogging all the focus and for those few hours, all focus remains riveted on their owners.

Best Classic Cars of the Future

The guy who said the magic line “Ray, fire up the Quattro” is Gene Hunt, a fictional detective in ‘Ashes To Ashes’ – a TV series set in 1980’s Britain – and he drives a brilliant reddish Audi UR Quattro. And while Hunt’s totally un-PC view of the world makes powerful viewing, it is definitely the Quattro that is become the star of the show.

They are bringing in GBP8,000 on eBay, the internet forums are alive with folks attempting to track down a version for themselves, and for the 30-somethings who were adolescents living in the 80’s, it is made them understand that the automobiles they adored subsequently could be classic cars of tomorrow.

Many people believe, with some reason the car they have had for 20 years might be eligible for an excellent classic auto insurance deal. Others are now firmly in the mindset of the classic car buff and have found some spare cash, gone out as well as purchased a Mk1 Golf GTi Effort.

Except this time, the conversation is not of Triumph Heralds and Morris Minors (although we adore them, of course) it is about what’ll make the classic cars of the future?

Sports Cars

Mazda MX5 – An excellent two seater soft-top that has a tremendous fan base for the first Mk1s with the popup headlamps. Began life with a 1600cc engine and then enlarged to 1800cc. Offering ‘old’ styling with cracking dependability and an exceptional spares backup.

Fiat Barchetta – Strange, but oddly appealing. Just sold in small amounts in the United Kingdom and left hand drive, it’s distinctive appearances and this makes it a future conviction that is timeless.

Lotus Elan (1990s versions) – The men at Lotus went mad and plumped for front wheel drive and a Isuzu engine. But with the Lotus badge as well as sharp giving, it’s an allure. But know about how the front wheels are liable for both steering and laying power down.

TVR S – Based greatly on the 1970’s like the 3000 M’s curvaceous sports cars and introduced at the 1986 Motor Show at Earls Court in London. A retro-styled low priced version to give an intro to TVR possession to punters. S1 had a 2.8i Ford engine but the V8s produced 4-litre V8 insanity. Of course it’s going to break down, it is a TVR! Vauxhall VX220 – Yes – a Vauxhall. Lotus constructed the VX220, is much the same to the Lotus Elise, and is distinct, uncommon and interestingly. Not obtainable in enormous amounts, handles and is every inch the classic car that is future.

Aston Martin DBS – Likely your greatest possibility of a ‘bargain Aston’ and in the event you are able to, hunt down among the first 6 cylinder DBS’s of the early 1970’s, started as a stopgap until the V8 came out. Later versions like the DB7, Vanquish and Virage have classic kudos.

Hot Hatch

While they might have been the basic diet of boy racers in the 1980’s, there is no doubting that ‘hot hatches’ now have their place in classic car folklore.

The Top 3 Ways to Look For A Classic Car Online

It is annoying, I understand, but nonetheless, it definitely is powerful. Energy plus the time might seem annoying but it is always worth it in the end. Imagine being 3 clicks from the locate of your own life. That is the way the classic car market operates on-line. I have to confess to being a bit of a classic car enthusiast myself. Also, myself have to confess to really being a diligent researcher. Thus, when I am looking to purchase or analyze the set of classic cars for sale, it is not overly demanding. So, myselfwill provide you with a few hints of where to begin searching (hint, it is not the powerful Google. Though, Google is amazing for an entire lot of motives- a high stock price first on the list!).

1)Newsgroups. This suggestion is normally only known to folks. There are a slew of newsgroups (essentially on-line community discussion boards) for almost any hobby you can think of. This definitely contains classic cars. There are probably dozens, if not hundreds, of classic car newsgroups you may locate. And the best part is the fact that many of these newsgroups enable live links to be posted by the newsgroup members. The links can link back to their particular websites or listings that are interesting they’ve located. Face it: should you search for ‘classic car’ on Google, a few websites will pop right up in the top 10. And, from what I have seen, a lot of do not change much over time. However a newsgroup enables a considerably greater user base to post links to areas online that likely are not the same as the top 10 listings.

2)Use Ebay. But not to shop. For research. Here’s trick. You do not have to purchase everything. You can merely search for Classic Car in eBay after which examine the listings. Subsequently, do a little additional effort. Go to the web site of the dealer. Look at their collection. It may guide you deeper in the universe of classic cars which you’d ever envision. eBay is far more than a shopper’s heaven: it is a research worker’s secret weapon.

3)Learn in what way the experts buy classic cars. Without the proper knowledge, points #1 and #2 are nearly useless. Learn the intricacies of classic car purchasing in order to score the most effective price for you cash.