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Watch A V8 Supercar Almost Eat The Wall At Bathurst

Either there’s a great force field around the wall that saved Jack Perkins’ Holden Racing Team car from whacking into it, or Perkins’s tires grabbed at precisely the right moment to save his bacon. Either way, watch this great save from today’s Bathurst 1000.

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Watch This Guy Rallycross A 1969 Mercury Cougar

Muscle cars have plenty of ride height, beefy tires, and plenty of rear-drive power. Sounds like a perfect rallycross car to me.

This looks like so much fun I can’t even imagine.

This event was run up in Okemo, VT by the New England Region SCCA. They’re awesome.

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How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

It was supposed to be a simple fix.

My objective was basic: transform the pads and rotors on my aged ’73 Baja Bug. It seemed like my car had a stomach ache. The front had actually been moaning and also creaking for weeks currently, and also I couldn’t place things off any sort of longer. As it turns out, your brake pads need to not look like this.

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

Buying the components had not been regrettable (except when they got delivered to the wrong address and after that had actually to be e-mailed back to me), and I establish aside a simple Sunday mid-day to identify how you can do the work.

I had 2 books detailing ways to exchange out my aged parts for brand-new, and also I was reasonably confident points would certainly go smoothly.

I would certainly altered pads as well as rotors prior to on my very much left wheeze of a Lexus ES300. Freddy and also I really did not even make use of a guidebook for it. We just discovered whatever held the caliper in location, unbolted it, discovered whatever held the rotor in position, unlocked it, and after that replaced the upsetting parts.

But the Lexus was built at the really greatest factor in mainstream auto industrial production. Toyota Electric motor Firm, flowering in the top the late ’80s/ very early ’90s Japanese economic bubble, invested impossibly greatly on the building of vehicles simply like my ’93 Lex. Every bolt was additional long, every system made for durability as well as use.

My ’73 Bug wasn’t made to be utilized so considerably as made.

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

So while the brake rotor on my Lexus was merely a brake rotor, the one on my VW likewise houses the front wheel bearings.

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

I uncovered this over a variety of confused telephone call to my colleague a VW professional Jason Torchinsky. Wait, why does the aged rotor have these unusual rings in it? Exactly what’s are ‘races,’ as well as why do you keep stating that word?

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

This after that brought about some fevered re-reading of my technological guidebooks. There’s a pin here. The publication does not say anything about any pins. Oh, so chapter 9, part 12 informs me definitely nothing except to describe chapter one section 32? I’m meant to put an Allen screw where?

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

So rather than promptly unbolting and also re-bolting my aged components for brand-new, I finished up attempting to push in brand-new bearings and races with only a large screwdriver and also a not-so-big hammer. Numerous hrs right into that, as well as the light, began to discolor, the rain endangered to come in, as well as I called things gives up.

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

I sandwich landed all my extracted screws and also classified where they originated from, I trash can the entire exposed wheel to ensure that my pin doesn’t get wet, and also I packed it in for the evening.

Why is it that every single time I attempt as well as repair a little point incorrect with my car, I discover that I’ve got something else that I require changing?

How A Quick Repair Turns Into A Parking Lot Mechanic Quagmire

Picture Credits: Raphael Orlove

Wedding Fair


The other day I had a phone call from the dad of a bride who has reserved one of the vintage cars for her wedding in October. Oh dear, I believed, has she changed her mind and needs to cancel? But no, it turns out he wondered if I want to take an automobile to their forthcoming wedding fair in March and is involved with Porters Park golf club in Radlett.

My advertising budget is very limited. Angela Merkel would grin with acceptance of my self imposed austerity regime. I’m already committed to attend a wedding fair at the Alban Arena on 22nd March so the idea of paying for a stand at another fair only a week later, threatened to pitch my fiscal planning into disarray. I guess Richard immediately clarified they needed the vintage car as a draw and felt some reluctance on my part and there would not be a charge. Phew! What a consequence! Thus, in the event you’re considering seeing this Springtime any wedding fairs, why don’t you place this one in your diary? It’s on Sunday 29th March between 10:00am and 3:00pm at Porters Park golf club. I anticipate seeing you there!

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A Tricky Decision


Extra parts for my vehicles have actually become increasingly more difficult to locate, as the years go by. The Vintage Austin Register is a club for lovers and owners and also this is an excellent source of spares. They order the production of a lot of things that are most frequently required as well as this has functioned well for a long period of time. Previously, such points have actually been relatively regular as well as modestly-priced. On the various other hand, the technological professionals on the committee have actually identified a vital lack of usable cylinder blocks, which are big, hefty balls of actors iron without which the car is fit merely for the dump. The concern is that the initial moulds have actually long since been discarded and also the specialized drawings were ruined in a fire several years back, making the remanufacture of these elaborate casts an exceptionally complicated treatment, needing lots of hours of job by proficient engineers.

The expenses entailed are significant along with the club has requested its associates making an option that is tough. We can each offer to spending virtually GBP3,000, or we do nothing, cross our hands as well as anticipate our brand-new cylindrical tube block. is never ever needed by autos never ever I’m instead fortunate in having two extra cylindrical tube blocks tucked away in my garden shed yet my impulse would certainly be to suck it up and toss right into the container. 000 GBP3, I just anticipate my ideas are discussed by sufficient members or else our autos are facing an unsure future.

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