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Classic Car Shows – A Treat For the Car Lover

Perhaps you have thought about what it has to be like to possess a classic car? A car that’s a marvel of human genius as well as a testimony to superiority that is man made? Perhaps you have thought about why amazing automobiles are compared to lovely girls? Why they cosseted by their owners and are cherished more in relation to the wives are? Have you pondered over the pride that this type of classic car’s owner might feel? Possession of vintage cars and classic isn’t for everybody. Is it an expensive hobby, but possessing and locating classic cars is a rarity. Their owners are a connoisseur’s treat and also targets of love. It’s an entry into an exclusive clique, one the rest can aspire to and which only a select few can be part of.

The opulence of wooden dashes, the extravagance of hand tooled leather seats, the absolute delight of a virtually quiet yet strong engine hum, the old-time sounds of horns from a bygone era…it’s a remnant of a time when the frenetic tempo of life was more leisured, when matters were just loved and delights were reveled in. Era…it’s ironical actually, that cars now are purchased for efficiency, rate and maneuverability, yet these very same components weren’t truly variables a couple of decades back. At that juncture in time, cars were purchased for the wow factor, to take pleasure in the encounter of going at a leisurely rate from one point to another, its size intended to impress with its magnificence.

Traffic was minimal trundled along at sedate rates on semi empty roads frequently only a little quicker than a lad on his bike. Ahhs and ohhs would follow in its aftermath. Their owners lovingly tended these classic cars, till the accessories gleamed shone for hours, with at times the family patriarch and liveried chauffeurs taking a turn in the wheel.

Times changed. Newer versions arrived and took centre stage and creation of these classic cars that were grand dwindled, eventually ceasing completely. Now these wonderful vintage cars are simply to be found in classic auto shows. All these are occasionally held throughout the planet and auto enthusiasts flock to them. To take pleasure in the delight of possession and to get a peek of these wonders of engineering, these car shows are popular and are generally well attended. There are auto magazines and internet sites which cater to such automobile buffs, who reel off facts and figures of the year of production, the engine capacities, the amount of automobiles in existence, horsepower…et al. Actually there is frequently a circus like joyous feeling at these timeless auto shows. Booths are set up hawking goods that are distinct, there is an emcee with mike and cotton candy in a single corner spurring the crowd to cheer and applaud every automobile as it takes a stately turn at a sedate speed around a track. One must remember that these automobiles aren’t only things of wonder; they need to be examples of freedom too. All engines have to be in working condition with original parts.

Every year the calendar of classic auto shows is choc a bloc with shows which are yearly or biennial occasions all around the world. Auto owners, auto fans, enthusiasts, dilettantes or even families out for a Sunday… all are welcome to these extravaganzas. The automobiles rule supreme hogging all the focus and for those few hours, all focus remains riveted on their owners.